Our Vision and Culture Essential


It takes each of us to create a stronger, more cohesive culture... across all brands and ABG… across our fleet and shoreside. The base of this culture is our Vision Statement, which steers us as a unified organization with shared values.


At Carnival Corporation & plc, our highest responsibility and top priorities are compliance, environmental protection and the health, safety and well-being of our guests, the people in the communities we touch and serve, and our shipboard and shoreside employees. On this foundation, we aspire to deliver unmatched joyful vacations for our guests, always exceeding their expectations and in doing so driving outstanding shareholder value. We are committed to a positive and just corporate culture, based on inclusion and the power of diversity. We operate with integrity, trust and respect for each other -- communicating, coordinating and collaborating while seeking candor, openness and transparency at all times. And we aspire to be an exemplary corporate citizen leaving the people and the places we touch even better.


Promoting an open and supportive work environment

An open and supportive environment is one where everyone feels:

  • comfortable speaking up,
  • offering suggestions for improvement,
  • and reporting any concerns, mistakes, or errors knowing that they will be treated fairly and free of retaliation.

It is an environment that is built with trust and transparency between leaders and team members, ensuring that employee's concerns matter, are appreciated, and will be acted upon promptly and properly. “We all contribute towards creating this kind of positive work environment”.

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Know and live our Culture Essentials as Costa Citizens

Behaving ethically and complying with laws, regulations and Company policies is everyone’s responsibility – regardless of our jobs, brands, or even whether we work on ships or on shore.

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As a company, we must empower our team members to speak up. All employees are encouraged to speak up about their concerns, and leaders are expected to listen, learn, and communicate effectively while handling these concerns.

If you see something wrong or inappropriate, we do something. We raise concerns, suggestions and questions especially when we suspect non-compliance with our policies and procedures. Retaliation is never tolerated against those who raise concerns or report wrongdoing.

People - the safety and health for our employees, guests and communities we touch, foster diversity and inclusion.
The Planet - oceans, waterways, air and land.
The Rules - laws, regulations and procedures.
Our Company and its reputation.

Our Performance – relating to safety, environmental protection and compliance.
Our Collaboration – our ability to work as a team

Set a strong and consistent «tone at the top» to support ethics and compliance.
Regularly talk about:
…our Corporate Vision Statement and brand Core Values
…our plans and priorities – to promote openness, trust and transparency.
Model the behaviors we expect.

To each other – all employees, hotlines, surveys, other feedback and comments.
From our investigations, audits and other incidents.
By measuring our performance and holding our employees and ourselves accountable

By putting our words into actions.
By giving our employees what they need to succeed, including necessary:


Experience a diverse career journey!