From W.I.D.E. to W.I.D.E.R. than ever, to be stronger together!


Warm Hospitality

We believe in loving our tradition, always keeping an open mind to offer Guests an appealing experience. Our Italian DNA translates into being welcoming, empathic, smiling and always looking for quality with a human touch.

Our behaviours:

  • We approach everyone with a positive attitude
  • We go the extra mile, anticipating others’ requests and following up
  • We remember details about people
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We believe in anticipating our Guests' needs to be a trendsetter in the industry. Our positive energy leads to a continuous improvement to achieve new heights, modernity and dynamism, seeing things in a sustainable and original way.

Our behaviours:

  • We collect ideas to be inspired, driven by a sustainable approach
  • We put ourselves in others’ shoes
  • We proactively experiment out of the ordinary solutions
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We believe in being open to diversity, a treasure to preserve and trust to attract international Guests and future colleagues. Only mixing different points of view we can become better than we are both as people and as a Company. Our behaviours:

  • We celebrate and value differences
  • We replace judgment with curiosity
  • We listen to others’ points of view
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We believe in improving our skills to become the talented professionals our Guests are looking for. We dive into new experiences and perspectives, sharing them with others, coming out of our comfort zone to achieve wider knowledge and growth. Our behaviours:

  • We see things and learn from different perspectives
  • We ask for feedback and take corrective actions
  • We share ideas, best practices and experiences
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Responsibility has always been an implicit and primary value for us in Costa. We aim at emphasizing the awareness of the importance of our contribution and our participation within the organization and the environment in which we work to make it better. Our behaviours:

  • We see Responsibility as a right, as a conscious choice of the individual to contribute to the community
  • We value Responsibility as a source for the future
  • We are safe, eco-aware, transparent and trustworthy
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Experience a diverse career journey!