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Our community brings together individuals from different parts of the world, fostering connections and collaboration across cultures, enriched by diverse perspectives and experiences.
We are here to bring happiness and provide unforgettable memories and experiences to our guests.

Take your talent to new places!

Embark on your career journey where you explore your talents and skills, and see each accomplishment as a beginning for your next experience.


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At Costa we recognize the value of human connections. Check this page to know where and when the next event will take place. You will have the chance to know more about Costa and the opportunities to navigate your potential with us!

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Join the "TikTok COSTA Challenge!"

Are you ready to show the world what does it mean to work in the extraordinary universe of Costa? Join our exciting contest on TikTok and share your experiences, funny anecdotes, corporate life, or moments of sharing and friendship!

Contest Description

In the 'TikTok COSTA Challenge' contest, you are called to create original and cheerful contents for TikTok, showcasing your work environment with Costa.
Let your creativity run wild and create a unique and engaging videos.

Contest Rules

Video Theme: Show your work environment at Costa. You can showcase curiosities, or a behind-the-scenes look at your job in the office or when you are onboard.

Video Main Character: You must be the main protagonist of the video. Your colleagues can only appear as extras.

Video Format: The video must be in vertical format, with a duration ranging from 20 seconds to 3 minutes.

Reference Costa Crociere: Make sure to mention the work context of Costa within the video.

TikTok Guidelines: Respect TikTok's community guidelines to avoid disqualification.

Evaluation Criteria

Originality: Stand out with unique and entertaining ideas that can climb the rankings.

Technical Skill: We will evaluate the quality of the video production, including editing, music, and visual effects.

Audience Engagement: The video's ability to capture attention and generate interactions will be a determining factor.


Various prizes and cotillons for the most creative ones. Stay tuned!

The top 20 finalist videos will be selected and published weekly on the @costacrocierecareers TikTok profile in the following months after July the 10th, 2024.
In the end, we will announce the three winners, you have time until 30th september 2024.
We can’t wait to see your personality and skills in completing the challenge.

Tag the @costacrocierecareers page and add the hashtag #tiktokcostachallenge on TikTok to submit your video.

Join and showcase the charm of working with Costa!

We’re excited to see your creative and engaging videos! Have fun and good luck!