Marketing & Communication Manager

Who we are

Looking for a career in an international environment rich in cultural diversity that is positive, friendly, and welcoming? You have come to the right place.

We are a respected and valued diverse global community in terms of professionalism, multiculturalism, and skills, of more than 20,000 people representing 70 different countries and cultures.

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For our members to become the talented professionals our Guests are looking for, key to our People’s Strategy is empowering our employees with outstanding training and development support to fuel their growth both personally and professionally.

Aim of the Position

According to Company policies and procedures the Marketing & Communication Manager supervises the preparation of the cruise activities palimpsest interacting with all the head of department in charge of scheduling the daily events and time schedules. The aim is to create a seamless and engaging journey for the guests, minimizing the conflicts and optimizing the synergies among the different onboard activities. This position is also in charge of defining a cruise communication and marketing plan to generate value and provide information to the guests ensuring an effective orienteering and a meaningful customers flow. Responsible of the Communication Unit, composed by Editors and Media manager, leverages on all available channels to maximize opportunities, and enhance guests experience.

The Marketing & Communication Manager interacts with the Digital Assistant, where present, to ensure that digital touchpoints (i.e., app, Ipm and OB portal) work properly, and collects customers feedback to secure fixing and evaluate optimization of all tools.

As a company values Ambassador provides an inspirational example of leadership in line with Culture Essentials and W.I.D.E.R. Values.

Main Responsibilities

The Marketing & Communication Manager is a key member of the vessel’s Senior Manager team.

This role supervises the preparation of the cruise activity palimpsest interacting with all the head of department in charge of scheduling the daily events and time schedule, with the aim to create a seamless and engaging journey for the guests, minimizing the conflicts and optimizing the synergies among the different onboard activities.

This role leads Communication unit overseeing all the marketing and communication strategies delivered across all the onboard touchpoints (traditional and digital) to optimize information and commercial messages to guests maximizing satisfaction and revenue generation as well as an effective flow management of guests.

Leveraging on all available communication channels maximizes profits while enhancing guests brand perception and overall satisfaction. The Marketing & Communication Manager fosters a collaborative leadership of all departments within hotel operations, while personally exhibiting the Costa Values and Culture Essentials.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Analyzing pre-cruise data about guest mix, special services, and particular requirements according to the cruise itinerary to plan onboard activities to maximize NPS and OBR

Monitoring instant feedback systems and SA&PI, analyzing purchase behaviors preferences of guests and consumption trends, suggesting appropriate actions to be implemented.

Involving the relevant department heads to constantly monitor guests’ perception and adjust cruise activities accordingly to meet their expectations and company’s results.

Communicating with shoreside Experience Design and Communication, Onboard Marketing and Digital marketing teams to guarantee consistency with the onboard marketing and communication materials in accordance with the Company’s standards

Guaranteeing that all communication channels used to promote onboard products and services comply with the brand standards.

Guaranteeing that all written communication contents produced by the Communication Unit are consistent and match with the style and layout of the company visual identity guidelines.

Scheduling daily activities with the onboard Sales partners, F&B and Entertainment to optimize guests flow in order to maximize onboard revenues and guests satisfaction.

Keeping the Hotel General Manager informed about the scheduling of the activities, avoiding palimpsest conflicts or product inconsistencies.

Bridging shoreside and shipside strategy ensuring the correct implementation, and proactively communicating to shoreside partners results and improvement suggestions.

Directing, supporting, supervising, and evaluating the team performance.

Facilitating a work environment that supports a successful safety culture. Responsible for ensuring that the team implements and maintains an effective HESS management system. Enforcing and promoting Safety procedures in the team/Department under responsibility.

Following the instructions received as per protocol applied on Covid-19 spread prevention rules.

Supporting an effective health and safety culture proactively informing Guest on any infringement or missing application of procedures and reporting to the Head of Department the critical situation.

Maintaining a high responsible approach applying social distancing rules also during non-working activities.

Supporting the new organization of the onboard activity performing tasks enhancing health standards (i.e. temperature screening, sanitization of the working place, instructions to passengers)

Job Requirements

  • Degree in Marketing & Communication, Hospitality
  • At least 5 years’ Experience in Marketing, Hospitality or Retail in marketing and communication positions.
  • Problem solving oriented
  • Hotel Operation Governance & Control
  • Effective Communication
  • Computer literacy
  • Italian knowledge C1
  • English knowledge C1
  • Other 1 European language (within French, German, Spanish, Portuguese) knowledge B2
  • Shipboard experience is a plus

Why join us

We are excited to have you on the team! As a member of the Costa Crociere W.I.D.E.R. Community, you will be empowered with specific trainings and development support to fuel your growth both personally and professionally. We will provide you the necessary arrangements and pay for your travel to and from the port. Meals and accommodation are included onboard, as well as many facilities to enjoy your free time: Gym, Beach, Bar, Internet Point, onboard discounts.

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