Assistant F&B Director

Who we are

Looking for a career in an international environment rich in cultural diversity that is positive, friendly, and welcoming? You have come to the right place.

We are a respected and valued diverse global community in terms of professionalism, multiculturalism and skills, of more than 20,000 people representing 70 different countries and cultures.

We are a company that listens. Our culture promotes an open, positive, and supportive work environment built with trust and transparency between leaders and team members.

For our members to become the talented professionals our Guests are looking for, key to our People’s Strategy is empowering our employees with outstanding training and development support to fuel their growth both personally and professionally.

Aim of the position

Supports the Food & Beverage Director in all Guest and Crew Food and Beverage Services in order to ensure the best and highest service quality to Guests and Crew in accordance with Company

Main Responsibilities:

  • Assists to manage, organize, direct and supervise all Crew Food and Beverage outlets, acting as Crew Food Manager and responsible for all crew food outlets operations and PHS enforcement. Food service and refilling of food lines with the assistance of Crew Restaurant Supervisor/Restaurant Manager and Ship cook/Executive Chef
  • Supervises and assist the operation in the Guest Buffet Service, outdoor barbecues, special groups and event requests, when assigned to any Food & Beverage catering, in order to provide the best service quality and Guests satisfaction
  • Supervise and organize the daily activities of the Galley Operations Supervisor and his team to ensure the Galley is cleaned as per HESS procedures
  • Monitor the Galley Operator team during cleaning periods (day and/or night) to avoid water wastage and equipment damage due to splash of water and chemical abuse.
  • Ensure garbage management process is properly followed and garbage equipment (pulper, bone crusher etc.) are correctly and effectively used in order to offload all processeble food at sea.
  • Assists and resolves operational matters in both Guest and Crew areas, taking responsibility and accountability when required by F&B Director, in order to provide best possible customer service for both internal and external guests
  • Presents accurately technical subjects, such as maintenance issues and requests, in order to provide a fast and effective solution, in compliance with Company maintenance standards
  • Trains, inspires and develop all assigned human resources in order to foster professional and personal growth in accordance with Company standards
  • Check the cleaning material orders from Galley Operations Supervisor to ensure that all cleaning materials are available, duly used, stored and maintained
  • Completes operational reports, identifying issues and opportunities, to offer feasible solutions to given problems, through clear and concise written and verbal indications, according to Company procedures
  • Communicates goals and objectives to all collaborators, and when requested, makes presentations in front of groups in order to deliver information efficiently and effectively in adherence with Company standards
  • Facilitate a work environment that supports a successful safety culture. Is responsible for ensuring that his/her team implements and maintains an effective Hess management system. Enforce and promote Safety procedures in the team/Department under responsibility
  • Follows the instructions received as per protocol applied on Covid-19 spread prevention rules
  • Supports an effective health and safety culture proactively informing Guest on any infringement or missing application of procedures and reporting to the Head of Department the critical situation
  • Maintains a high responsible approach applying social distancing rules also during non-working activities
  • Supports the new organization of the onboard activity performing tasks enhancing health standards (i.e. temperature screening, sanitization of the working place, instructions to passengers)

Job Requirements:

  • Team organization: scheduling and management ;
  • Controlling: cost and revenue management skill basics;
  • Guest handling: issue resolution process and communication;
  • Bar: beverage trends and product knowledge
  • Galley: knowledge of galley functioning and structure, operational hours and production time
  • Secondary School in Hotel or Tourism (hospitality)
  • At least 4 years’ experience in Hotel, Resorts or Cruise Industry, in dining, bar or culinary services or Associate Degree or Bachelor Degree in Hotel or Tourism management (AS o BS)
  • At least 2 years’ experience in Hotel, Resorts or Cruise Industry
  • Problem solving oriented
  • Computer literacy
  • English knowledge C1
  • Other 1 European language (within Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese) knowledge B2
  • Shipboard experience is a plus

Why join us

We are excited to have you on the team! As a member of the Costa Crociere W.I.D.E.R. Community, you will be empowered with specific trainings and development support to fuel your growth both personally and professionally. We will provide you the necessary arrangements and pay for your travel to and from the port. Meals and accommodation are included onboard, as well as many facilities to enjoy your free time: Gym, Beach, Bar, Internet Point, onboard discounts

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