Commis Pastry

Aim of the position

Accomplishes daily food preparation in the Pastry area

Main Responsibilities
  • Collaborates in pastry preparations, accomplishing all tasks assigned in order to provide the final product as per Company recipes, following HACCP standards and minimizing food spoilage.
  • Guarantees a proper and safe use of equipment and machinery
  • Loads the food needed from the provision area, as per requisition form and stores it in the designated areas, to guarantee that the final product can be prepared as per Company recipes and following HACCP standards.
  • Organizes and keeps the assigned Galley area tidy, cleaned, sanitized and stores utensils properly in order to respect HACCP standard and Company procedures.
  • Contributes to garbage recycling following instructions in order to respect Company standards and procedures.
  • Takes active part in a work environment that support a successful safety culture.
Job requirements
  •  Secondary School and specific course in pastry-making (chocolate or ice-cream or bakery) or at least 1 year experience in pastry laboratory.
  • English Knowledge A2
  • Knowledge of different products and equipment.










Organization chart