Light Technician

Aim of the position

Assures adequate technical support to the entertainment activities, through the correct use of the technical light equipment present on board and in accordance with the operating instructions

Main Responsibilities:
  • Guarantees technical support during the rehearsal and execution of the shows in the
    theatre to assure the correct light entertainment
  • Supplies all equipment according to the requests and needs to support planned
    activities (ie. groups and artists)
  • Is responsible for all the equipment and is careful with what is in use (ie. colour filters,
    smoke machinery, light bulbs) to prevent untimely deterioration
  • Reports to the Entertainment Technical Manager all problems and malfunctioning
    concerning equipment, to provide a fast and effective solution
  • coordinating (along with the Head Technician) the work of the two Staff Cleaners used for operating the follow spots during shows.
  • reporting to the Head Technician any and all problems concerning equipment, following Company procedures.
  • Stores in the lockers all the equipment to ensure conformity with the inventories in
    compliance with Company rules
  • Provides routine maintenance to guarantee the correct functioning of all equipment
    and supports external services suppliers in case of extraordinary maintenance
  • Supports in assembling and dismantling the required equipment to provide the timely
    execution of planned activities
  • Provides technical support for light management in lounges and swimming pools
    when requested to execute complex activities
Job Requirements:
  • High school degree. Specialization in lighting engineering is welcome
  • At least 1 year experience in Technical Services or Theatre
  • Knowledge of light techniques and equipment
  • Computer literate
  • Good English knowledge

Organization chart