Casino Host

Aim of the position

As Casino Host you will be the ambassador of the Casino as the first point of contact and main reference for any Guest.


Main Responsibilities:
  • Efficiently executes all standardized marketing strategies, events, and visual directives with correct supporting signage and advertising as directed by Management
  • Willingly assists with publicity and advertising of the Casino while always maintaining current and appropriate notice boards and signage
  • Conveys product knowledge to passengers clearly and appropriately
  • Provides promotional assistance with major jackpot wins. Properly runs and presents effective promotional events such as tournaments, gaming lessons, etc
  • Ensures that these events are effectively scheduled to achieve high rate of guest participation and enjoyment


Job Requirements:
  • Able to provide a positive first impression to every passenger through a warm and welcoming individual greeting
  • Always maintains a spotless professional appearance
  • Conveys product knowledge to passengers clearly and appropriately
  • Able to observe and identify passengers’ preferences and adjusts service accordingly, anticipating passengers’ needs and offering appropriate responses without passenger having to ask
  • Leads passengers to increase their use of the Casino Operation through outstanding customer service, including regular positive contacts and communications with passengers both as a whole and individually
  • Willingly assists with day-to-day operational needs as directed by Casino Management. Willingly receives and promptly acts upon feedback from Management
  • Understanding of the foundation of customer service; ability and willingness to deliver outstanding service to our passengers
  • Able to adapt and adjust to a variety of circumstances
  • Able to work as a team member in a multicultural environment
  • Good knowledge of English (B2) and at least two other languages (B1) from the following: Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Able to take an active part in a work environment that supports a successful safety culture

Organization chart