Wine Sommelier

Aim of the position

The Wine Sommelier  is responsible for providing fast, courteous and professional wine service.


Main Responsibilities:
  • Assures an excellent wine service with strong emphasis on cost control and good salesmanship in order to increase the revenue
  • Supervises and contributes to the set up and the cleaning of the wine bar with the proper materials according to bar manual and sanitation rules to guarantee the service
  • Facilitates a work environment that supports a successful safety culture. Is responsible for ensuring that his/her team implements and maintains an effective Hess management system. Enforce and promote Safety procedures in the team/Department under responsibility
  • Takes physical inventories of all materials located in the wine bar in order to provide the best quality service
  • Guarantees the correct functioning of the wine bar machinery and provides to inform the superior in case of working problems in order to deliver the service as per beverage manual
  • Takes in charge of/reports to the superior guests complaints in order to provide a fast and effective solution
  • Collaborates with the Bar Manager in supervising the beverage service in the buffet area in order to guarantee a speedy and professional service
  • Provides his service in the restaurant in case ofspecial events/Guests


Job Requirements:
  • Secondary School and at least 2 years of experience in the same role
  • Sommelier Degree
  • Good Knowledge English Language (B1)

Organization chart

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