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TV Programmer

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Aim of the Position

Contributes to correct maintenance and functioning of the TV system on board, both for Guests and Crew, and organises the TV schedule

Main Responsibilities

  • operates the TV and broadcast equipment always keeping in mind that the equipment is the property of the ship and is used under the control of the Engine Department.
  • co-operates primarily with the Cruise Director and the entertainment staff for the organization and enhancement of all TV and video services.
  • following the TV Director’s instructions, operates the TV and broadcast system, transmitting the TV and radio programme as set. During the day constantly checks the correct operation of the systems.
  • under the TV Director instructions, transmitting video and/or films on the Theatre screens and in the various lounges when requested. Recording activities, travel talks and events to insert in the TV for enrichment of the programmes available to Guests.
  • cooperating with the TV Director in taking care of minor requests as regards Guest cabins’ TV system, for example tuning TV channels, replacing cables and ITV devices.
  • assisting all personnel who presents various activities, preparing the technical equipment and checking the quality of playback or shooting in such a way that they are suitable for the activity in question.
  • handling of Play Stations for Guests’ rental by setting up and removing the Play Stations in Guests’ cabins (where this service is available).
  • showing maximum attention and care to the safety procedures on board, being aware that any incorrect usage or modifications to circuits may cause serious damage and danger to the personnel involved.
  • reporting to the TV Director any and all problems concerning equipment, following Company procedures.
  • being always present to supply the necessary support and assistance when a ship visit from shore-side technical personnel, or an inspection to verify the technical equipment are planned.
  • keeping tidy the place of work and equipment lockers assigned. Showing maximum respect for the equipment, not leaving lying around objects which could be lost, stolen or damaged.
  • cooperating with the TV Director in updating the inventory of equipment under responsibility.
  • maintaining a cooperative attitude with colleagues, and knowing how to work in a team, since the quality of other people’s work also depends upon mutual co-operation. The Movie: The TV Programmer will also assist the TV Director in making “The Movie of the Cruise”, with the following main duties:
  • Setting up the equipment needed for the shootings
  • Making the necessary copies according to sales
  • Request consumables when needed (Blank Dvds, covers, etc etc)

Job Requirements

  • High school degree. Specialization in TV Direction, Video Editing, lighting and graphics. Satellite Knowledge.
  • Experience in editing, cameraman, graphic and TV direction.
  • Video, lighting, graphics and camera.
  • Good English knowledge.

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