Theater Sound Technician

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Aim of the Position

We are currently looking for Sound Technician to join our ships
He/She is the person in charge of making the shows sound spectacular creating a pleasant listening experience for the audience

Main Responsibilities

  • Operating the entertainment lighting equipment always keeping in mind that it is property of the ship and is used under the control of the Engine Department.
  • Showing maximum attention and care to the security procedures on board, being aware that any incorrect usage or modification to circuits may cause serious damage and danger to the personnel involved.
  •  Working primarily on the sound console in the Theatre during the shows and other activities which take place there, but being also responsible for the operation of sound equipment in the lounges, even though it is used by the Lounge Technician.
  • Assisting Artists, Musicians, Cruise Staff, Hosts/Hostesses and Lecturers, in other words all personnel who use microphones or sound systems, preparing the technical equipment and checking the quality of the sound in such a way that it is suitable for the activity in question.
  • Reporting to the Head Technician any and all problems concerning equipment, following Company procedures.
  • Keeping tidy the place of work and equipment lockers assigned. Always showing maximum respect for the equipment, not leaving lying around objects which could be lost, stolen or damaged.

Job Requirements

  • High school degree. Specialization in sound engineering is welcome.
  • Experience in big productions, theatres or services.
  • Excellent knowledge of sound systems, consoles, audio editing, live mixing.
  • Computer literate.
  • Good English knowledge.

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