Onboard Learning Officer

Explore Your Potential

Your Life Onboard

As a Learning Officer, you will be responsible for the training activities to be delivered on board (product & service training, soft skills training, English teaching, e-learning support), with the aim of engaging People in the learning process, in accordance with training procedures and set goals

Demonstrate Your Passion

We welcome everyone in a space where you can reach your full potential by:

  • Collecting the ongoing training needs (during monthly meeting with D&E and Hotel Head of Departments or observing daily operations) and proactively suggesting training actions or follow up measures based on the courses portfolio in order to develop Crew competences and support Business.
  • Organizing and delivering online and class trainings matching the assigned deadline and target
  • Acting as a training consultant for on board Managers in order to empower their training skills and enhance the effectiveness of their on the job trainings

Get Things Right

Costa values teamwork and collaboration to provide memorable crew experiences. Here’s how you can get things right and safe:

  • Acting as a business partner, regularly analysing the Company KPIs: On Board Revenue, Net Promoter Score and business indicators (Complaints, e-Comment Forms, Turnover, season Pax movement/charter, cruise crew movement, etc.) in order to suggests training actions or follow up measures based on the courses portfolio
  • Acting as a Brand Ambassador and is actively committed in Company Employer Branding projects

What Makes You Unique

The Onboard Human Resources  department is looking for a passionate and dedicated  individual to join their team! The requirements for this job are:

  • Completion of bachelor’s degree
  • Experienced in soft skills group training, preferable experience in course development and design, preferable background in Hospitality & Tourism field
  • Preferable experienced in English teaching, computer literate (proficient use of Word, Excel, Power Point)
  • Good command of the English language at least at C1 level and Italian language at B1 level
  • Time management and planning capabilities, Internal customer orientation, good communication’s skills and stakeholder management
  • You are available to live travelling aboard a cruise ship for the contract period of 5 months, working 7 days a week.

Why Costa

We see your career as an exploration of your potential. Embark on your career journey where you explore your talents and skills, and see each accomplishment as a beginning for your next experience

Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion

Costa is like a world within a world. Shipboard and shoreside, each of us brings unique insights and perspectives. All of us are valued and respected for who we are. Costa is a global community where everyone belongs.

Join Costa’s HR  team for a rewarding cruise industry career.

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