Medical Facility Operations Manager

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Looking for a career in an international environment rich in cultural diversity that is positive, friendly, and welcoming? You have come to the right place. We are a respected and valued diverse global community in terms of professionalism, multiculturalism and skills, of more than 20,000 people representing 70 different countries and cultures. We are a company that listens. Our culture promotes an open, positive, and supportive work environment built with trust and transparency between leaders and team members. For our members to become the talented professionals our Guests are looking for, key to our People’s Strategy is empowering our employees with outstanding training and development support to fuel their growth both personally and professionally.


  • Supervise all daily administrative operations associated with the Hospital and Laboratory
  • Ensuring Hospital compliance with policies and regulations and acts as the point of contact for policy and procedures changes
  • Monitor the inventory for medications and medical equipment and organize for resupply
  • Lead a team of Hospital Assistants / Secretaries and coordinate efforts with the Clinical and Laboratory Team (Doctors, Nurses, Hospital Biologists, Lab Technicians) to a proper and organized response
  • Supervises and where required, carries out administrative functions within the Hospital area, i.e. maintaining records, checking inspection intervals or medical devices, control and document the Maintenance module in the planned maintenance system, administering SeaCare environment
  • Prepares and adjusts working schedules for the hospital team in collaboration with the Chief Ships Doctor
  • Supervising IT related matters
  • Aims to meet and maintain the hospital’s budget
  • Continuous evaluation of room for improvement in Hospital operations
  • To liaise with the Outbreak Management Team from the hospital standpoint all administrative medical operations
  • Ensure induction and training of new medical and administrative hospital staff


  • Senior Nurse with on-board experience or
  • Degree in Healthcare Management / Medical Administration / Practice Management with two or more years of hospital experience or
  • Proven experience working in a managerial position in a clinical or medical setting

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Community, you will be empowered with specific trainings and development support to fuel your growth both personally and professionally. We will provide you the necessary arrangements and pay for your travel to and from the port. Meals and accommodation are included onboard, as well as many facilities to enjoy your free time: Gym, Beach, Bar, Internet Point, onboard discounts.

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