Costa Crociere: Insieme per Genova

Luigi Filoramo

Costa stands with Genoa for the Morandi Bridge’s accident commemoration, one year after.
On the day of its first anniversary, our Company and our colleagues turn their thoughts to all the people involved in the tragedy.
Since that dramatic day, Costa has worked together with the Municipality and the Region to identify the projects on which to activate the resources of our Foundation.
Thanks to “Insieme per Genova” project, for each Trofie with pesto served, Costa donated 1 euro to the affected community. During the dinner the Guests have also contributed with a voluntary donation. In addition, 1 euro was given for each Guest booking from September 1st to November 30th 2018, while Costa colleagues and suppliers from all Europe joined the initiative. Moreover, the 2018 Christmas gift for the Genoa colleagues was devolved to buy 1000 T-shirt dedicated to the foundrising and the amount was devolved for the emergencies of the affected area.
Today we are proud to be able to say that together we have succeeded in realizing our commitment to make Genoa still stronger.