Development Culture

You are the leading actor of your future: set your own course!


Our Academy

Here in Costa, we believe everyone has a precious talent to discover and develop.

Since 2016, the new Accademia Ospitalità Italiana Crociere, born from the partnership between Italian Academy of Merchant Marine and Costa Crociere, is the first academy in Italy dedicated exclusively to the training of hotel professionals who will work on cruise ships.

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Hotel Development Model

Our People are the core of our Company and this is why they deserve a dedicated development path that helps them in growing their skills.

The Hotel Development Model will allow you to understand what the opportunities are, what it takes to be promoted and the skill sets required to advance your career.

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Onboard Training

We believe in improving our skills to become the talented professionals our Guests are looking for.

We are confident that the achievement of personal and corporate success is based on Staff Development, Continuous Training and Motivation.

For this reason, we organize a wide range of training programs, aimed at supporting the development and constant improvement of skills and abilities of all our colleagues on board our ships.

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We enjoy an international environment rich in cultural diversity that is positive, friendly and welcoming.