Development Culture

People are our most important asset, that’s why we constantly invest on their improvement.


  • Performance Management

    Performance Management

    We constantly incentivize feedback between Managers and collaborators and among colleagues, to ensure individual performances are maximized while strength and development areas are recognized.

    Rewarding performances and success is our north star and this is why we have developed a structured Performance Management process, that is applied to all our Colleagues,
    to identify the best performer and reward them.

    Our Performance Management system is digitalized and each of our Colleague has the responsibility to start the annual evaluation process with a Self Evaluation questionnaire. Each Manager receive and discuss the Self Evaluation with the Collaborator and then is responsible to conduct an evaluation of the previous year. All the evaluations of our People are discussed in departmental roundtable, aimed at calibrating the evaluations made by different Managers and at identifying the real best performers that have access to specific development actions.

    Performances are evaluated both on individual goals achievement and on behavioural skills, according to our Company competency model.

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  • Talent Management

    Talent Management

    Here in Costa, we believe everyone has a precious talent to discover and utilize. We work hard every day to ensure every person can express her/him-self at the best while working with use.

    We also take extra care in making our future Leaders by ourselves, and this is why we have an exciting Talent Management Program in place. Those who display the greatest potential to grow enter into our Talent Program, an exclusive development path structured in partnership with ESCP Europe – one of the most prestigious business schools in the world. This is the course that will set them to become our key
    managers of the future.

    We believe that:

    Talent can be discovered and developed

    Development should focus on value strengths and minimizing the impact of weaknesses

    Development must be continuous and relevant to business challenges

    Constructive feedback and challenging opportunities are the basis for effective development

    We invest a lot in developing our Key Talents and High Potential Colleagues and we have created a unique development path with ESCP Eruope Business School to grow the Managers of tomorrow.

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  • Job Rotation

    Job Rotation

    Being Innovative and love to experiment new things are the shared characteristics among all our Colleagues, and we still encourage them. We want our People being able to change their job to constantly develop both professionally and personally.

    Job Rotations programs allow our Company to propose new challenges and opportunities to all our Colleagues, obviously when they want it.

    We have an Job Posting system to promote all vacancies among our internal Colleagues, before we look outside the Company for new professionals to join.

    We encourage People to challenge their Manager and HR to propose them new tasks and challenges and we pay particular attention in ensuring our Key Talents have exciting job rotation opportunities (both in Costa and in other sister brands of the Carnival Corporation family).

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  • Leadership 4.0 Academy

    Leadership 4.0 Academy

    Our Leaders are the key to motivate, engage and develop our People thus reaching outstanding Company results. This is why they deserve a dedicated development path that help them in growing their Leadership skills and learn how to manage a diverse workforce.

    This is why we created a specific Leadership Academy where nothing is “as usual” and where we offer a wide range of development opportunities to create Leaders that will drive Costa to a sustainable success.

    We have designed three different Leadership path:

    New Managers à to provide the newly nominated Managers with the basic of Leadership skills, like: delegation, feedback tecniques, performance management, ecc.

    Managers à the L.E.A.D. Program, to consolidate managerial skills, aligned to Costa’s Leadership Model and Leadership Credo, to improve managerial performance with a continuous learning model – any time, any place – and to sustain the overall Company’s digital transformation program by enhancing the leadership team digital mindset

    Senior Managers à a program aimed at developing a Manager as Coach, to empower our Senior Managers to ensure all the collaborators can grow and develop within Costa.

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  • Costa Futura

    Costa Futura

    Costa Futura is our program aimed at continuously increase our organizational capability to improve our business performances by transforming our Company and adapting to the new digital environment. Through this innovative program we will be able to change the way of working and take all the advantages of the new digital world.

    This is why we created a specific Leadership Academy where nothing is “as usual” and where we offer a wide range of development opportunities to create Leaders that will drive Costa to a sustainable success.

    The Costa Futura program works on 4 different pillars:

    Organization à a new way of working, more agile and with increased collaboration among different departments

    Culture & Competencies à we will develop the skills of the future our workforce need to succeed on the market: Entrepreneurial Spirit, Digital Mindset, Customer Centricity and Big Data Skills. We offer to each colleague, based on their current level of digital readiness, the possibility to join the Costa Futura Academy, an e-learning tools always available to deepen these skills.

    Process and Tools à We offer process and tools (like Office 365 or modern ITsystem) to ensure all our people can work smoothly and easily.

    Ecosystem à we want to be able to connect with the external world, taking advantages of all the new technologies. We will be an incubator of future startup and a center of reference for everyone who want to innovate

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Recruiting process

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Development Culture

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