Performance Management

Luca De Longis JoL-Develoment

Performance Management

We constantly incentivize feedback between Managers and collaborators and among colleagues, to ensure individual performances are maximized while strength and development areas are recognized.

Rewarding performances and success is our north star and this is why we have developed a structured Performance Management process, that is applied to all our Colleagues,
to identify the best performer and reward them.

Our Performance Management system is digitalized and each of our Colleague has the responsibility to start the annual evaluation process with a Self Evaluation questionnaire. Each Manager receive and discuss the Self Evaluation with the Collaborator and then is responsible to conduct an evaluation of the previous year. All the evaluations of our People are discussed in departmental roundtable, aimed at calibrating the evaluations made by different Managers and at identifying the real best performers that have access to specific development actions.

Performances are evaluated both on individual goals achievement and on behavioural skills, according to our Company competency model.

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