Leadership 4.0 Academy

Luca De Longis JoL-Develoment

Leadership 4.0 Academy

Our Leaders are the key to motivate, engage and develop our People thus reaching outstanding Company results. This is why they deserve a dedicated development path that help them in growing their Leadership skills and learn how to manage a diverse workforce.

This is why we created a specific Leadership Academy where nothing is “as usual” and where we offer a wide range of development opportunities to create Leaders that will drive Costa to a sustainable success.

We have designed three different Leadership path:

New Managers à to provide the newly nominated Managers with the basic of Leadership skills, like: delegation, feedback tecniques, performance management, ecc.

Managers à the L.E.A.D. Program, to consolidate managerial skills, aligned to Costa’s Leadership Model and Leadership Credo, to improve managerial performance with a continuous learning model – any time, any place – and to sustain the overall Company’s digital transformation program by enhancing the leadership team digital mindset

Senior Managers à a program aimed at developing a Manager as Coach, to empower our Senior Managers to ensure all the collaborators can grow and develop within Costa.

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