Costa Futura

Luca De Longis JoL-Develoment

Costa Futura

Costa Futura is our program aimed at continuously increase our organizational capability to improve our business performances by transforming our Company and adapting to the new digital environment. Through this innovative program we will be able to change the way of working and take all the advantages of the new digital world.

This is why we created a specific Leadership Academy where nothing is “as usual” and where we offer a wide range of development opportunities to create Leaders that will drive Costa to a sustainable success.

The Costa Futura program works on 4 different pillars:

Organization à a new way of working, more agile and with increased collaboration among different departments

Culture & Competencies à we will develop the skills of the future our workforce need to succeed on the market: Entrepreneurial Spirit, Digital Mindset, Customer Centricity and Big Data Skills. We offer to each colleague, based on their current level of digital readiness, the possibility to join the Costa Futura Academy, an e-learning tools always available to deepen these skills.

Process and Tools à We offer process and tools (like Office 365 or modern ITsystem) to ensure all our people can work smoothly and easily.

Ecosystem à we want to be able to connect with the external world, taking advantages of all the new technologies. We will be an incubator of future startup and a center of reference for everyone who want to innovate

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