Talent Management

Luca De Longis JoL-Develoment

Talent Management

Here in Costa, we believe everyone has a precious talent to discover and utilize. We work hard every day to ensure every person can express her/him-self at the best while working with use.

We also take extra care in making our future Leaders by ourselves, and this is why we have an exciting Talent Management Program in place. Those who display the greatest potential to grow enter into our Talent Program, an exclusive development path structured in partnership with ESCP Europe – one of the most prestigious business schools in the world. This is the course that will set them to become our key
managers of the future.

We believe that:

Talent can be discovered and developed

Development should focus on value strengths and minimizing the impact of weaknesses

Development must be continuous and relevant to business challenges

Constructive feedback and challenging opportunities are the basis for effective development

We invest a lot in developing our Key Talents and High Potential Colleagues and we have created a unique development path with ESCP Eruope Business School to grow the Managers of tomorrow.

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