2008 – nowadays A course towards innovative future

Luca De Longis Hystory

2008 – nowadays
A course towards innovative future

In 2009 we entered the Guinness Book of Records with the launching of two ships in Genoa: it was the first time that a shipowner had launched two ships on the same day in the same port.

With the fleet continuing to grow, we turned our attention to improving facilities for onboard colleagues training, especially focusing on personal development and growth, as we believe that people are our most precious asset.

In this time of great global change, bringing sustainability onboard has allowed us to adopt responsible working practices and initiate unique projects of historical importance.

In 2014 the Costa Crociere Foundation was set up with the aim of supporting programmes with the most influential and innovative non- profit organisations, assisting them to make a positive, concrete and lasting impact in Italy and abroad.

The Costa Group, which includes our sisters AIDA and Costa Asia, is now a global company with a strong and precise identity, firmly set on a course towards an innovative future, conscious of always being able to count on the experience coming from a glorious history.

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