1948 – 1968 Where everything starts..

Luca De Longis Hystory

1948 – 1968
Where everything starts…

On March 31st 1948, anyone looking from the shore of Genoa would have seen the blue “C” on the yellow funnel of the “Anna C.”, the Costa family’s first transatlantic liner, as it left port. Seventy years have passed since this first voyage from Genoa to Buenos Aires…a new way of exploring the world by sea – cruising Italian style!

In the early 50s, the “Linea C” had already become a symbol of relaxed holidays, signing the first step of our innovative and pioneering spirit.

In 1959, the “Franca C.” was the first ship in the world exclusively devoted to cruises, operating in the United States and the Caribbean.

In the 60s we could claim to be the Europe’s largest cruise company, second in size only to the Soviet Union fleet. Ours are ships of peace, carrying people from many nations who share the unique joy of exploring the world by sea.

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