Chef Bruno Barbieri at the “Accademia Ospitalità Italiana Crociere” to challenge the students of the ITS course dedicated to the future on board cooks

Yesterday morning, the 22 aspiring on board chefs on the Costa ships, students of the “Accademia Ospitalità Italiana Crociere” ITS course, were confronted with one of the most famous faces of the Italian cuisine, the Chef Bruno Barbieri, who attended a lesson testing the boys with the challenge of the mystery box.

The students, divided into 6 teams of 3 and 4 people, have engaged, in just an hour and a half, in creating a dish of their invention prepared with 10 ingredients very difficult to combine with each other, personally chosen by the Chef Bruno Barbieri:

6 eggs
1 pack of flour
2 eggplants
6 red prawns
1 piece of parmesan cheese
8 potatoes
1 bowl of clams
1 piece of sausage
2 black squid sachets
1 bowl of peeled pistachios

During the preparation, as in a real cooking show, Chef Bruno Barbieri closely monitored the work of the aspiring chefs, dispensing advices discovered and collected in his long starred career that saw its beginning on board the cruise ships.

After tasting all the dishes imagined and prepared by the students of the ITS course together with the Costa Crociere Chefs, Barbieri has decreed the winning dish: “Black or White?” hand-made tagliatelle with cream of clams, pistachios and crispy sausage. The dish was created by Marcella Rovati, Niccolò Morando and Federico Piazzi, who were rewarded with an autographed copy of one of the Chef’s Barbieri cookbooks.

The students selected for this type of ITS course have the opportunity to access a training of absolute excellence, which provides for a two-year period of study divided in theoretical part in the classroom and practical part on board of ships.

Thanks to this course, the students have the real chance to work with the number one cruise company in Europe. As a matter of facts Costa Crociere undertakes to hire at least the 70% of the participants who have successfully completed the course. At the end of the previous editions the percentage of hired students reached almost the 100%.

Villa Figoli Des Geneys has hosted since November 2016 the headquarters of the new “Accademia Ospitalità Italiana Crociere”, born from the partnership between the Italian Academy of Merchant Marine and Costa Crociere. The first academy in Italy dedicated exclusively to the training of hotel professionals who will work on cruise ships, that for the year 2018 has scheduled 25 courses that will be aimed at a total of 350 students.

The villa, surrounded by an Italian style park of about 35,000 square meters, has 7 equipped classrooms, a library, exhibition hall, multifunctional tapestry hall, a catering area, a bar, a kitchen and pastry workshops, ice cream and bakery workshops for lessons.

For further information about the Academy and its activites follow us on:
or visit:


  1. Ada says:

    Hola buenas dias me Llamo Ada tengo 35 anos estoy buscando trabajo me gustaria trabajar en vuesta company. Hablo Italiano Español.

    • Costa Employer Branding says:

      Good morning,
      thank you for the interest in joining our company.
      Please send your CV linking to the following page:
      Consider that in your country some Hiring Partners may be in charge of recruiting people for our fleet; in this case you should send your CV to them and go on with the recruitment process with them.

      Best regards

  2. Carmelo Di Rosa says:

    Salve, sono un panettiere: ho la possibilità di accedere al corso?

  3. Carmen says:

    Buongiorno mi piacerebbe tanto lavorare sulle navi ..ho 45 anni e ho sempre lavorato nei ristoranti come cameriera .caffetterie. e aiuto cuoco .

  4. Riccardo says:

    Salve mi chiamo Riccardo e sono di Palermo e sono un capo partita hai secondi piatti presso un ristorante a Palermo volevo sapere se le candidature sono aperte ho qualche esperienza in pasticceria

    • Costa Employer Branding says:

      Gentile Riccardo,
      abbiamo diverse opportunità lavorative a bordo sia come Cuoco di Bordo sia come Pasticciere di Bordo.

      Visiti la seguente pagina:
      Al suo interno troverà diversi bandi aperti per alcuni corsi di formazione gratuiti finalizzati all’assunzione di personale di bordo; all’interno di ogni post troverà i documenti da compilare e una sezione dedicata alle modalità e termini per le iscrizioni.
      Per eventuali informazioni può contattare la relativa segreteria ai recapiti indicati.

      Cordiali saluti

  5. Salve sono omar mballow vivo in Italia.. ho la esperienza come di sala e aiuto cuoco .
    Piacerebbe lavorare con voi

  6. Zineb says:

    Salve mi chiamo Zineb età 22 anni cerco lavoro come aiuto cuoco ho esperienza sono una ragazza seria e affidabile

    • Costa Employer Branding says:

      Buon pomeriggio,
      per lavorare come Cuoco di Bordo visiti la seguente pagina:
      Si tratta di corsi formativi finalizzati all’assunzione di personale di bordo, ai quali si accede in seguito a selezione scritta ed orale.
      All’interno di ogni post potrà trovare le modalità ed i termini per le iscrizioni, nonchè i relativi documenti dove reperire le informazioni principali.

      Cordiali saluti

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