Our Company signed the Manifest for Women Employment

On September 12 at the LUISS – Business School headquarters in Villa Blanc, in Rome, we signed, together with Others Companies, the Manifest for Women Employement by Valore D, that defines in 9 points  concrete measures in line with international standards of the integrated budget in order to enhance women’s talent in our Company.
For example, Costa has pledged to have a representative group of candidates of both genders, to monitor women’s presence at every company level to fill the wage gap and to promote the professional growth of our female Colleagues even in top positions.
Special attention will be given to maternity leave and parental support management.
The Villa Blanc meeting was also an occasion for a meaningful dialog with the institutions, in the presence of Maria Elena Boschi, State Secretary of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Teresa Bellanova, Deputy Minister for Economic Development, Tito Boeri, INPS President, and professor Paola Severino, President of the LUISS Guido Carli University.
We would like to thank our Colleagues Sara Bottaro, Shoreside HR Director, e Stephane Codeluppi, Hotel Management Talent Acquisition & Development Manager, Diversity & Inclusion Manager fo representing Costa at the event.

Click here to view a little video from our HR Vice President Mr. Paolo Tolle about this event.


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