The Environmental Department is responsible for the proper management of the ship’s environmental impacts and all crew members involved in solving environmental problems.

Organization chart and jobs descriptions

The Environmental Compliance Officer reports directly to the Captain. He or she has a direct line of communication with shoreside Environmental Management for all aspects of environmental handling onboard and with Health Operations regarding Integrated Pest Management. The Environmental Compliance Officer regularly checks to ensure that the procedures concerning the environmental aspects of the ship and pest control are implemented correctly. He or she participates in the execution of audits relating to the environment with internal auditors, and external authorities. The Environmental Compliance Officer trains all crew members regarding environmental protection issues and is responsible for the management and disposal of waste onboard, according to stringent Company regulations and procedures. The Environmental Compliance Officer monitors the proper management of chemicals onboard. He or she ensures that the Captain is promptly informed of any environmental incidents and also informs shoreside offices, as well as local, state, federal, and international authorities, when necessary.
The Environmental Operator is in charge of the treatment and disposal of waste. He or she follows waste collection and handling in the various locations, as well as the division and treatment of waste in accordance with Company procedures and according to the directions of the Officer in charge of environmental protection.

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