Committed to SAFETY:

  1. We do not compromise when it comes to safety
  2. Our priority is ensuring a safe environment for everybody including myself
  3. We continuously strive to improve safety


  1. We live the company code of conduct and the HESS policies
  2. We are recognized for our honesty, transparency and integrity
  3. We always take into account the social implications of our actions

PASSIONATE for results:

  1. We are enthusiastic and passionate in doing our job
  2. We always strive for the best economical impact of our activities
  3. We recognize that working together is essential to be successful



  1. We do our best to improve the well-being of my colleagues and to ensure the happiness of the guests
  2. We work to create trust and credibility by improving relationships
  3. We believe in equality and we respect people of different races, cultures, religions, gender and sexual orientation



  1. We listen with an open mind
  2. We learn from our failures as well as our successes
  3. We give and receive constructive feedback in a respectful way

Unique and SIMPLE in our delivery:

  1. We search for smart ways to make our delivery special
  2. We look for fast and efficient solutions without complicating things
  3. We strive to achieve what makes the difference in all we do and we serve it with a smile