In order to support the Company’s current phase of strong growth and to ensure the constant professional growth of its staff, Costa is involved in organizing a wide range of training programs, aimed at supporting the development and constant improvement of skills, expertise, and abilities of all personnel shoreside and onboard our ships.

Technical Training
There are regular training courses and refresher courses, to meet international regulations (IMO – STCW), and internal organizational needs, on specific issues such as safety, health, environment, survival and rescue, firefighting, first aid, etc.

Managerial Training
To integrate technical and managerial expertise, Engine and Hotel Deck Officers attend a training program aimed at increasing their ability to facilitate the complex management of a ship’s organization in an integrated manner. This course is a prerequisite for participating in more intensive management development initiatives that involve the entire management of the company, both onboard and shoreside.

Costa and Young Graduates
Costa Cruises, in collaboration with several Italian provinces and other funding bodies, annually organizes free courses for young, unemployed graduates. These courses are set up to fill the main positions onboard: Entertainers, Guest Service Operators, Tour Escorts, Light and Sound Technicians, Photographers, Cadet Deck and Engine Officers, and Ships’ Cooks. Based on the scores obtained at the end of the course, the top participants will be guaranteed brilliant careers onboard the ships of the fleet.

First Embarkation Training
Depending on the role, preliminary training and training for the position are often carried out “on the job”, which allows for faster integration. All crew members are also involved in a workshop on service excellence, which strengthens the link between personal interaction and work practices with Costa’s values and style. Due to the presence of a diverse clientele onboard the ships and various languages and customs, there are also language courses to improve communication skills and the effectiveness of service, and intercultural management courses to better understand and appreciate diverse cultural needs.

Professional Development: Costa Campus
Costa aims to provide training to all employees pre-embarkation and onboard. Costa, through the Costa Campus, has set up training centers in major recruitment countries, either through the establishment of its own training centers, or through alliances with prestigious universities in local tourism. To date, Costa has eight training centers in the world. In addition to the main campus in Genoa, there are locations in the Philippines, Indonesia, China, India, Brazil, Peru, and the Netherlands. The centers are especially dedicated to the training of Kitchen, Restaurant, Bar, and Housekeeping. At the centers, there are replicas of the facilities on board, such as guest cabins or portions of the kitchen, to ensure a true simulation of the work carried out onboard our ships. The centers are also used for continuous professional development and training of existing Costa staff and crew. In addition, onboard each ship there is a Training Center and a Crew Lecturer, who is responsible for each crew member’s professional development. Finally, a team of Campus instructors, know as Mobile Instructors, is always ready to come onboard to provide training if necessary.

Training activities accompany personnel’s professional development from their moment of hire throughout all the stages of their subsequent professional growth. New recruits take part in an orientation course and receive training specific to their role. These courses integrate classroom learning, moments of “on the job training” and coaching. Subsequently, there is specific individual training linked to the position held, the development of managerial skills, and personal professional development. As with onboard personnel, all Costa shoreside employees are involved in a workshop on service excellence, which strengthens the link between personal interaction and work practices with Costa’s values and style.