The main duty of the onboard Security is to protect passengers, crewmembers and the ship itself from any sort of threat. The department is under the responsibility of the Staff Captain, who acts as Ship Security Officer (SSO). Whilst the daily security tasks are under the SSO, it is the Master who has the final responsibility and decision-making power, also on security related matters. Security department main task is to implement all security measures required during ship stay in port and during navigation. These include, but are not limited to, access control, checks during embarkation of luggage, provisions and technical materials, liaison with port and shore authorities, overview and monitoring of shipboard activities, ship’s patrolling and public order. Our main goal is to have guests onboard feel safe and secure at all times, reaching the best possible compromise between the need to carry out strict controls and the make our guests feel comfortable.

Organization chart and jobs descriptions

The Security Officer is reporting to the SSO. He/She is responsible for implementing all security procedures established by the Company and coordinates the work of the whole security team. SECO should to give specific assignments to each security guard, rotating them in their duties. When the ship is in port he/she have to make sure that all entrances are manned by security personnel and all security checks are properly done, optimizing the resources. He/she surveys the port area in order to assess the level of threat and supervises security at the terminal and in the outside areas (pier or port access). With the support of the SSO, he/she establishes liaisons with local authorities in the ports visited by the ship. This will provide local intelligence information that can be precious for the security of the vessel. He/she is responsible for monitoring suspicious situation during the cruise, with the help of the team and in close co-ordination with the other ship departments. Among the other tasks SECO establishes crowd control procedures when necessary, making use of knowledge of crowd and crisis management and carries out investigations in case of passenger accidents/incidents.
The Assistant Security Officer supports the Security Officer in the implementation of all security procedures established by the Company, under his/her direct supervision. The main duties and responsibilities are to take over the Security Officer responsibilities in case of his unavailability; to assist in verifying that security procedures are correctly implemented; to help in increasing awareness and vigilance aboard ship with regard to security, supporting the Security Officer in preparing the training for the Security Personnel and to actively assist the Security Officer in investigations and reports related to crew, passenger and security incidents and in planning all shipboard activities required by regulations in force.
foto-security01The SG is responsible for all security duties assigned by the SECO and reports to him. He/She have to put all his/her effort in establishing good communication with SECO and the team members. SG should have a good knowledge of the company rules and policies regarding passengers, crew, visitors, the ship and should contribute in order to guarantee their correct implementation. Among his/her duties the most relevant are: to control the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers, crew, visitors, luggage and provisions, using the security equipments present and following the guidelines received from the SECO; to constantly check that public order is maintained, by conducting security patrols in crew and passengers areas; to make sure that crewmembers follow the discipline as per Company’s regulations and to report cases of miscompliance; to ensure all necessary paper works is timely completed, as per SECO’s instructions.