It’s the department in charge of health care, routine and emergency, for the benefit of our Guests and our Crew Members.
Moreover it collaborates with health care institutions for the maintenance and protection of all the inherent aspects of Public Health on board our ships.

Organization chart and jobs descriptions

foto-medical-doctor01The Medical Director is responsible for all onboard health services. He or she reports directly to the Captain, and belongs to the hierarchical inner circle of First Officers. In order to perform his or her duties, the Medical Director must possess an adequate background and clinical expertise, particularly with regard to the aspects of Emergency Medicine and Maritime Hygiene. The Medical Director collaborates with the nursing staff, and on most ships is assisted by another medical colleague, the 1st Doctor. In order to fulfil this role, it is necessary to have obtained the title of Onboard Medical Doctor following a specific selection held by the Ministry of Health, or be enrolled on a special ministerial list. The Medical Director not only performs the Company’s assignment, but also functions as a Government Official directly on behalf of the Minister of Health. Therefore, he or she deals with the health authorities of the countries in ports of call. Because of the multiplicity of skills required, both operational and organizational, the Medical Director must be a person with extensive professional experience, excellent interpersonal and organizational skills, and also be adaptable to emergency situations that require the rapid ability to control and adjust to unexpected circumstances.
The 1st Doctor is the Medical Director’s closest collaborator on our largest ships. He or she must possess adequate preparation and clinical competence, particularly with regard to the aspects of Emergency Medicine, in addition to having obtained the title of Onboard Medical Doctor. He or she assists the Medical Director in all his or her functions, and is responsible for the medical care of both crew and passengers. The 1st Doctor must be able to handle medical emergencies and cope with any type of clinical case, even severe, that may occur onboard the ship in port or during navigation.
foto-medical-nurse-a01Nurse A is responsible for onboard health services and for relaying information to the doctors on staff. He or she relies on the collaboration of the nursing staff, whose number varies according to the size of the ship. Nurse A performs healthcare functions, particularly with regard to the fields of Emergency Medicine, as well as organizational functions including administrative assisting and reporting to the Medical Director. He or she also collects and manages health information for pharmacy management and the operation of diagnostic and therapeutic instruments. Nurse A must have the ability to manage interpersonal relationships, even in situations with high emotional impact.
foto-medical-nurse-b01Nurse B performs nursing care and assists the medical staff, with whom he or she works closely, as part of onboard medical and health services. He or she works in shifts under the coordination of Nurse A. Nurse B must possess experience in the field of Emergency Medicine, and be adaptable to restricted working environments and constant workloads. It is essential, in addition to nursing competence, to demonstrate the ability to adjust to the particular work context represented on the ship. Nurse B must also possess the ability to physically or psychologically assess patients.

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