Working in IT means ensuring that all equipment, portals, machinery, electronic and digital instruments are fully functional and integrated, in order to provide both Guests and shipboard personnel with tools that simplify and better manage their activities. Offering our Guests efficient IT infrastructure enables them to enjoy a more functional, less complicated cruise experience.

Jobs descriptions

The IT Officer is responsible for the entire IT infrastructure and all onboard IT equipment, including that used by staff and by Guests. He or she handles the management and maintenance of IT equipment on board and remains in close contact with the shoreside IT Department. He or she has perfect knowledge of IT infrastructure: computers, mobile, wireless, intranet, operating systems for staff, radio, etc. The IT Officer has strong organizational and problem solving skills, and a strong propensity for teamwork. He or she is supported in his or her work by an Assistant IT Officer.
Help and support the IT Officer to manage the IT infrastructure and all onboard IT and communication equipment, including those used by Crew and Guests.

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