Marine Operations

Job description

This division is made by two different departments: Maritime Development & Compliance and Marine and Technical Operations.
Maritime Development and Compliance formulates policies and procedures involving safety, security and the environment. You will be involved in evaluating various aspects of ground and ship operations, to ensure that we have a safety and security record second to none. Investigating, monitoring and disseminating information on all accidents, incidents and other occurrences involving Costa fleet’s ships come within the scope of this function.
Marine and Technical Operations department manages various facets of the operational side within the Costa Group. However, its primary responsibility is to ensure safe, legal and efficient operation of Costa fleet’s ships. This includes training and developing of Deck and Engine Crew to ensure that they meet all licensing and regulatory requirements and can execute high-quality operation in a safe, efficient and customer-friendly manner. Furthermore our colleagues of Marine and Technical Operations maintain and manage our ships in order to guarantee an excellent vacation environment. Our innovative and pioneering ships are unmissable to any professional whether the interest is in the Nautical (Deck) or Engineering (Engine) Division. We have the biggest and most innovative fleet among the European cruise lines but we perfectly know that any ship is just that without the expertise and talent of our high professional team.
Kind of roles you can find:

  • Ship/Technical Superintendent
  • Safety Manager
  • Risk Analyst

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